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Jesus Novoa

Jesus Novoa

Jesus Novoa was born to cook. From an early age, growing up in Anaheim, California, his family is deeply rooted in the love of the culinary arts. "While I was growing up, everybody cooked. My parents, my aunts and uncles.It wasn't just a tradition, it's my heritage. Nobody expected me to love it, but I certainly did."

Spending so much of his childhood helping his family prepare meals for large gatherings, cooking not only was a pleasant family activity, it also became his passion. Jesus and his family moved to Michigan in the 90's to join a portion of his extended family. His first jobs always involved the food service industry, from his middle school allowing a small amount of hours a week doing preparation work, so that he could watch the chefs creating dishes at their stations. When he was fifteen, he devoted himself solely to cooking.  His three brothers also had an interest in the culinary arts, so all four of them spent time working for the Townsend hotels, owned by their great uncle. Jesus eventually joined the staff of the Ritz Carlton to learn more of his craft. Spending weeks and months at every task, at every station, learning every single step in running a smooth kitchen, learning the ins and outs of the master chefs, all while attending culinary school. Devoting himself to years of courses in Italian and French cuisine, baking, butchery, the finest aspects of garnishing, preparation and presentation of fine dining classics, Jesus lives for continuing to further himself in the art of cookery.