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George Vutetakis

George Vutetakis

George Vutetakis learned “the language of food” as a young boy in his Greek grandmother’s kitchen. It was there that he was first exposed to the value of cultural traditions in cooking. His discoveries continued with travels to India, where he was taught philosophic and traditional food preparation methods. Today, using time-honored techniques as his guide, he weaves the Mediterranean and Indian flavors of his youth into many of his extraordinary dishes.

His reputation as a leader in the creation of delicious, healthy and innovative vegetarian cuisine using fresh, unadulterated ingredients flourished as chef and owner of the award winning Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak, Michigan. After nearly two decades, Chef George sold the restaurant and began writing and teaching. He shares his vast food knowledge and delicious vegan recipes on his popular blog

He currently lives in San Diego and, as he has always done, has immersed himself in the community, working with the local organic farmers, whom he claims are the real heroes behind the creation of his world-class, sustainable, healthy and exceptional cuisine.