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Georges Mokbel

Georges Mokbel

Born in the middle east during the Lebanese civil war and later raised around the globe, Georges has an authentically unique understanding of home, culture (both pop and refined) art and tradition that he weaves inextricably together in his culinary art.

Trained under Master Chef Paul Bocuse in France, Georges has then traveled the world refining his art and craft. He quickly took his developing talents to the Magestic Barriere Hotel in Cannes (host hotel of the Cannes film festival), Byblos Hotel in St.Tropez, and eventually working with the trendiest restaurants the states.  Possessing that rare combination of skill and style, Georges quickly established himself as a “culinartist” among some of the most discerning patrons of the food scene.  His resume expanded quickly from skillful chef to conceptualizing restaurants concepts, developing menus, commercial food consulting, event planning and entertaining.

His most recent accomplishment is the publication of his first cookbook, “Everyday to Gourmet.”  The idea sparked several years ago but Georges has spent the last year perfecting his vision and bringing it to life. A first in its genre “Everyday To Gourmet” is about showing two distinct ways to view and prepare the same dish. Each of the 110 recipes featured in the book are shown and photographed side by side into two distinct ways of preparation. While the everyday version is described in easy ways of preparation to suit the everyday table, the gourmet version takes the same dish to a gourmet level, using presentation ideas and simple techniques inspired from professional gourmet kitchens. The idea brings to the masses the artistry and the techniques of the pros, easily adapted beginner and savvy cooks alike.

This exciting concept is based on showing each recipe in two very distinct and different ways of preparation. The dishes all start with an everyday version; quick, easy, and an almost usual recipe that can be prepared quickly and with a shortlist of ingredients. The same dish will also be shown in a gourmet version using techniques and styles that are practiced by acclaimed chefs worldwide.  Georges is confident that he speaks to his book title, “Everyday to Gourmet” best based on his innate ability to create on many levels.  “My training of classic french cuisine has opened a new world of inspiration for me, but I continue to find myself going back to my roots and affection of mediterranean styles, flavors and spices”.